A Short-Term Rental Apartment

Scott and Susan decided to convert their first-floor 2-bedroom apartment in a northern Boston suburb to an AirBnB. They wanted to avoid the often-canned look of short-term rentals, and create a fun and warm space to attract short and long-term guests. They had a tight budget and were willing to put in some elbow grease by sourcing as many furnishings as possible from local Craigslist and doing small-scale refurbishing where needed (i.e., a coat of paint here, a new seat fabric there). We decided on a transitional look with a Scandinavian/mid-century emphasis, and focused larger budget line-items on new custom-fit blinds and window coverings, as well as all-new bedding. The result is a completely unique space that is already welcoming guests to the north-of-Boston area.

AirBnB Living Room: BEFORE

AirBnB Living Room: AFTER