"Katy made it easy to tackle the living room refresh I had been thinking about for a while, but didn’t have the time or design decision-making confidence to complete on my own."
Susan (Melrose, MA)


A “Doily-Free” Victorian

Sharing loves of history, architecture, and the Dorchester area of Boston, clients Megan and Paul purchased a Victorian mansion originally designed by the City Architect in the late 1880s. The only problem? The previous owners long-nursed a love of chintzy chandeliers, fussy window treatments, and doilies. When it came to move-in day, the couple struggled to figure out how to make the home their own.


A Short-Term Rental Apartment

Scott and Susan were converting a 2-bedroom apartment into a short-term rental in a Boston suburb. Their budget was tight, but they wanted a bright and eclectic space that set itself apart from the often-canned look of AirBnB’s or VRBO’s.


A Home Transition

Kelly’s family of seven was transitioning to a larger house, and wanted help merging new with existing furnishings to fill larger spaces in their new home. Also in need were window treatments, along with rugs and textiles to help pull together their space for a finished look.


A “Grown-up” Living Room

Susan is the mother of three young boys, and she and her husband were ready to reclaim their living room after recently adding a playroom to their living space. The couple was ready to invest in new furniture, but also hoped to utilize vintage & antiques, as Susan's parents are long-time collectors.


A Petite Urban Apartment

Rosemary is a young single professional who had recently decided to live in her urban apartment without a roommate, and was ready to make it her own space. Challenges included visually connecting the living and dining area, as well as making her space cozy without feeling cramped.