Design Consultation


Where do we start? In your home, with a design consultation. I will spend 2-3 hours with you, in the room you'd most like to improve. We will discuss challenges, as well as budget and non-negotiables. We might move some furniture around during this session, if possible, to get a visual idea of available space solutions. Spending this time with you in your space is the best way for me to understand your individual preferences and prioritize improvements.

The result of this consultation will be a list of recommendations -- including (but not limited to): furniture arrangement & possible replacement or alteration, general color and accessory suggestions (including rugs/pillows), lighting ideas, and thoughts on a possible gallery or art wall. This list will be delivered as a pdf file, via email (with a few specific links included).

Personal Shopping

$100 per hour
Estimate delivered on request

You've received your recommendations from our consultation, but you don't have the time or energy to search through hundreds of rug options to find the one that works for your space to accomplish your goals.

When you hire me as a personal shopper, I will do that research for you. You will be provided with a private Pinterest board with suggestions/links for everything from specific paint colors to furnishings to curtains (along with how-to articles on the correct way to hang those curtains!).

This service will be discussed at your consultation; if interested you will receive an estimate based on your specific budget and needs. To learn more, feel free to drop me a note on the contact page.

The Craigslist

$25 finder's fee

Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace can be a great local source for finding everything from impeccable antiques to second-hand pieces that could use some love -- often at a fraction of prices found at estate sales and antique dealers. If you are comfortable with purchasing on these local shopping sites, I will keep an eye out for that certain item you've been looking for. If it's something I think will go quickly, I will email the seller for you to get in early. You are responsible for completing the transaction; if it doesn't work for you, you pay me nothing -- if you end up purchasing, you pay a $25 finder's fee.


Not seeing a service that seems to meet your needs? No worries, just drop me a note — let’s start a conversation about how I can help!